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    The Catholic school advantage is reflected in the philosophy that permeates the total educational program and the lives of the faculty and students.  It is this philosophy that challenges students to improve the world by sharing Gospel values and encourages them to achieve their very best. 


    The concept of a “value based” education is at the heart of the integrated curriculum of Catholic schools.  Ultimately, we have one objective: to cultivate the growth of each student as a whole person.  This means that we not only work to help our students achieve academic excellence, but we also devote a lot of attention to the thoughtful construction of a child’s character.  Why?  Because we believe an important part of developing students into productive, responsible adults and citizens begins with the nurturing of the heart, mind and spirit of the child  We make a point of teaching our students about the value of self-worth, as we stress the importance of academic achievement.


    Our Catholic school children are children of all faiths, who are proud to be part of a growing Catholic community—a community who year after year turns out students who consistently score higher on national standardized tests—a community with a higher graduation rate, and more students likely to go on to college.  Why?  Because along with a challenging academic curriculum our students receive a great deal of individual attention, encouragement, and support to do their very best.  It is a combination that inspires them to feel good about their future, and their special place in it.  Many Catholic schools also offer students access to advanced studies by maintaining working academic partnerships with prominent colleges and universities.  Our schools also provide a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and service opportunities providing further opportunities to expand their school experience.


    Understanding tolerance and respect for oneself and others is a fundamental requirement of students enrolled in Catholic schools.  We teach children the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, yet we ensure that every child has a voice, and a right to be heard.  Making sure we listen to our students  and what is on their mind is as important as talking to them.  Thus we foster an atmosphere of open communication between teachers and students.  This assures that the time tested values we have taught for decades continue to be learned by new generations of youth.  It is one of the many important reasons a Catholic school education has become a legacy in so many families of faith.


    A Catholic school education is worth the cost. Your child’s tuition is an investment which pays lifelong dividends. Because there is such an emphasis on efficiency and accountability, Catholic schools represent affordable excellence. It’s not just a smart investment in education, it’s a smart investment in your family’s future.


    For more information, please visit the website the Newark Archdiocese provides: Catholic School Advantage

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