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    Discover excellence at Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy

    The Academy offers an academic curriculum that is rich in religious formation and the moral values your child will need to form the relationships that are necessary to succeed in life. With low teacher-student ratios and plenty of personal attention, the Academy creates an atmosphere of deep respect in an encouraging environment that challenges bright minds to explore their interests leading them to discover the duties that they have to themselves, their classmates and the world.

    At the very foundation of the education we offer is a dedication to excellence. That’s why our Catholic schools students consistently score higher on nationally standardized testing than public or charter school counterparts. They have gone on to succeed at academic competitions and at least 97% of our graduates eventually go on to attend college after studying at some of the area’s finest private high schools.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy
    Student Learning Expectations

    The Students of
    Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy

    1. Active People of Faith who:

    • Study and understand the basic foundations and teachings of the Church
    • Participate actively in Masses and liturgical celebrations
    • Develop a personal and spiritual relationship with God using formalized and spontaneous prayer.

    2. Life-Long Learners who:

    • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the basic concepts in all subject areas
    • Are active participants in their own learning including bringing life experiences to the classroom
    • Using age-appropriate study skills and habits
    • Investigate and make informed decisions, including those affecting physical and mental well-being
    • Are well-rounded individuals who participate in extra curricular activities
    • Transfer and apply academic information between subject areas and to real life experiences
    • Seek out independent learning opportunities
    • Think independently and are confident in their individuality and their ideas
    • Respect themselves

    3) Problem Solvers who:

    • Evaluate their own work, recognize weaknesses, and set personal goals for progress
    • Use effective time management skills
    • Work independently and collaboratively to create solutions and to complete projects
    • Resolve conflicts peacefully, respectfully, and in a timely manner
    • Are inquisitive critical thinkers who analyze and evaluate information
    • Cope with life's challenges using a variety of effective strategies

    4) Effective Communicators who:

    • Express ideas clearly and effectively in oral and written form
    • Listen attentively, openly, and respectfully to the ideas of others
    • Utilize technology for research, communication, and creative expression
    • Demonstrate manners, social grace, and poise in all situations
    • Have the confidence to speak before a group of people

    5) Responsible Citizens who

    • Are aware of their rights and corresponding responsibilities, and are accountable for their actions
    • Support and encourage their fellow students
    • Respect and seek to understand the beliefs and traditions of other cultural and ethnic groups
    • Exhibit concern for community, environment, and global issues
    • Volunteer time and effort for school, parish, and community projects




      Educational Program
    The Our Lady of Guadalupe Advantage

    • Religion and Family Life

    • Language Arts (Grammar, Writing, Literature)

    • Reading

    • Social Studies (Geography, History)

    • Mathematics (Pre-Algebra, Algebra)

    • Science (Classroom and Lab Instruction)

    • Technology Education

    • Spanish

    • Art

    • Music

    • Physical Education/Health (Featuring a full-sized gym)

    • Library and Research Education



    Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy
    227 Centre Street
    Elizabeth, NJ 07202


    Phone: (908) 352-7419  Fax: (908) 352-7062

    Email: olga@olgacademy.org

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